June 3, 2014

Because a feather makes everything better

Ever since I did this DIY art & frame project, I've been quite obsessed with feathers and washi tape. I think they are such a cute addition to any decor or art project. 

So, I couldn't help but using them in my new art project. I think they make the piece. What do you think? 

Wishing upon a star: 

Wishing upon a star: Acrylic, oil-based paint pen, feathers, washi tape on paper.

Mary the DIY Resin Bust is the model for the profile drawn in the artwork. 

Mary The DIY Resin Bust

I also added a hawk feather underneath the framed art in our kitchen. My two year old found this feather while playing in his grandparents' backyard. 

Isn't it pretty adorned with blue polka dot washi tape? Now we can admire this beauty every day while sitting at our kitchen table.

I enjoy bringing natural elements into our home because bringing a little bit of the outdoors instantly relaxes a space.

Washi tape also has endless possibilities. Here are some great ideas I found around the web. 

Casa Washi Tapes for Home Decor by Design*Sponge
Washi Tape Cards by Su Wolf
Washi Tape Banner by a golden afternoon

Do you use feathers or washi tape for your creative projects?  


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