May 15, 2014

Believe there is good in the world | Art Project

Since I had so much fun working on the small arty-craftsy project the other day, I decided to attempt another quick project this morning. 

I was looking for something that would take me about an hour to complete. Now I know that I can be more creative when my supply is limited, my goals for this project were to 1) work with what I already had at hand and 2) have a lot of fun!

I've been wanting to draw a baobab tree for quite some time {perhaps because of my love for The Little Prince}. I also recently came across this quote, "Believe there is good in the world," which I instantly fell in love with. 
image via Pinterest. original source unknown.

I love the way the message, "Be the good," is embedded in the phrase. So creative!

I decided to marry them on a sheet of cardboard, which once was the back of my watercolor paper pad. It feels great to upcycle something that could have been thrown in a garbage. 

I started with black and white charcoal pencils, which took me about 40 minutes,

and added a little more personality with the washi tape (same one from my previous project) and this light blue paint pen.This is where the art project gets a little crafty in my mind. I'm not a craft kind of person, so washi tape and a glue gun is as crafty as I get! This part took me less than 5 minutes. 

I shopped the house for a mat and frame, and found a mat that has a blue gray in the inner layer. Perfect! 

I also found a shadow box that housed another artwork.

I took the rectangle piece out of the shadowbox so that I could put the artwork right against the glass. I also cut two pieces of foam board in the same size with the mat to fill the gap between the artwork and the backing of the frame. 

Looking for the mat and frame, cutting the cardboard to fit the frame, and actual framing probably took me about 25 minutes.

1 hour and 10 minutes later, this is what I came up with. It now hangs in our kitchen wall. 

It's rewarding to work on a smaller project you can complete in a short amount of time. It's also a good way to take small risks and try something new.

My new artwork in the kitchen, with the flowers from Mother's Day in the foreground. 

Hope you're having a fantastic day!


  1. love this! the quote was a fantastic inspiration point, and you made it so much classier than the image you found on Pinterest. there any tie between the tree and the statement? i always like statements and images to connect.

    did a little wiki research, and baobab trees are also nicknamed "tree of life" trees. they provide shelter, food, clothing, and water for all. perhaps by being the good in the world, we can be like this tree, sharing from ourselves to provide shelter, food, clothing, and water for those in need.

    1. Thanks, Jenn! I just thought the image of a baobab tree and the uplifting quote go well together. Every time I look at a picture of a baobab, it gives me a sense of hope. There's something magical about it. It's awesome that they're called "tree of life." How appropriate! I love your interpretation - they truly are giving tree!

  2. If you guys have plans to take the kids to Disney in the future, you must go to Animal Kingdom. I was there the day they opened the tree of life waterfall! It is gorgeous. But don't stay there :) the resort is nice but nothing at Disney compares to the Grand Floridian! Your art looks great!

    1. PS your trim and wall color in the kitchen look so similar to the combination I did in the salon! Great minds :)

    2. We took our boys to Disney Tokyo while we were in Japan last summer, but I don't think we made it to Animal Kingdom. I'd love to go to the one in Florida (I love Disneyland!) And now I know exactly where I will be staying: Grand Floridian! I painted the walls BM seashell, and trim simply white. Same colors with yours??

  3. Wow Yuko, your artwork is simply wonderful. I can't believe you can create so quickly and spontaneously - I'm so impressed! And the new pieces looks like it has found a lovely home in your kitchen. :)

    1. Thank you Gam! I enjoy being surrounded by my own artwork. It makes me feel I'm home :)

  4. Oh cool, my friend! How gifted you are ...


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