May 22, 2014

Taking a walk down memory lane part 2 | New Art

I decided to look back on my childhood again.

This time, through my art. 
* * *
My elementary school was surrounded by tall ginkgo trees, and their leaves turned beautiful golden yellow in the fall. I would look up at the blue sky and watch a gust of wind blow the leaves off the trees like golden rain.

I enjoyed walking by a field full of cosmos on the way back from school. Hundreds of pale pink flowers nodded their heads in the breeze, while some dragonflies tried to perch on them. It was a bittersweet moment, as this marked the end of summer.

Japanese Camellia:
In the early spring, Japanese Camellia blooms in bright shades of pink and white in my grandmother's garden. I used to follow her around in the garden as she clipped a few blooms off the bush to bring them home. She's always loved her Camellia.

Today, I am taking a walk down the memory lane and reliving the wonder of my childhood. 

What is your favorite childhood memory? 


  1. one of my favorite childhood memories was going to the Zesto's (a local version of Dairy Queen) on an occasional Saturday night when they had chocolate soft serve. we didn't eat out much, so this was quite a treat. i always had to work hard not to get a "brain freeze" from eating it too fast.

    the other also involves food. because we didn't go out much, when my parents instituted a Friday night Pizza Hut dinner ritual, my sister and I were very happy to go along. i don't know what possessed them to begin doing this, but it really cemented in my head the strength of our family. it's a treasured memory to this day.

    1. I love that as a child, we found our happiness in small special things in the every day, like enjoying ice cream and pizza with your family and appreciating flowers. I'd like to think that we remember our life as a collection of treasured/beautiful moments.

  2. Love this artwork and the inspiration coming for your memories; really very extra special!

    1. Thank you, Gam! It's fun walking down memory lane - we can learn so much about ourselves.

  3. These are so beautiful! I love botanical drawings in any form :)
    I have so many wonderful childhood memories. Some of my favorites are when my mom would let me skip school and take me to different nurseries and let me inspect all the plants I wanted. My mom has a background in education, and she saw early on that traditional school didn't do much for me. It was her way of keeping me engaged in a manner I very easily responded to! It's funny because my mom is the consummate rule-follower, but with me, she was pretty lax. Can't imagine how wild and rebellious I would have been otherwise!

    1. Thanks Stephen! Your mother sure knew what was best for you and tailored her parenting practices accordingly. What an amazing mother and educator she is! I wish I could parent like your mother :)


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