May 20, 2014

Listen to the songs of your heart

I came across this youtube video the other day. It blew my mind when I saw it. 

You can also watch the video Here and Here.

This stirred something inside of me. Even though Sir. Anthony Hopkins' music was beautiful, I don't think that's exactly what moved me from deep within my heart. Perhaps it's his passion expressed in this six short minutes of performance, which created such magic.

When you share your passion with the world, you wake up others' passion that have been hibernating within them.

Because our passion is contagious.

I believe we're all vibrational beings, living with the motions of our emotions throughout the day. When we witness someone else expressing their passion, we feel our energy vibrate in the depth of our spirit. 

"Perhaps I, too, can do something like this!"

While watching the video, I felt my blood bubbling, my energy rising from within, and my fingers tingling as if they wanted to hit the piano keys right there at the moment. I closed my eyes and felt the sense of freedom that I haven't felt in such a long time. I've missed this slice of heaven I could experience right here on the earth.

So, I decided to bring our electronic piano that I put away in our storage room a while back. 

Am I crazy adding another thing to do when my plate is already full? I make art, decorate our home, craft a story for children, write blog posts, while handling all of the motherhood and household duties. 

I felt frustrated. I sometimes have to wonder what the heck God wants from me. I've uncovered all these small pieces of my passion, but they don't seem to fit together. Where am I going from here?

Then I remembered this: uncovering your true design is an ongoing process. It's a journey similar to putting together a large picture puzzle, one little piece at a time. When you need some guidance, tune into your heart and ask what makes you come alive. The whole puzzle is not going to be completed until the last day of your life. You just work on one small corner of the puzzle, one season of your life at a time. Your job is to really live that small corner, every day, to its fullest.

So, without any direction or particular purpose, I brought the piano down and hit the keys. Do I have time for this? Well, I have to make the time for it somehow. My heart sings that playing the piano is part of my true design, and I can't ignore it anymore.

When I'm playing the piano, I am free. 

Have you experienced moments like this? The moment you are filled with joy, love, and calmness all at the same time? 

What makes you feel that way? You might want to pay attention to those feelings, because that may be your heart singing a hint of your true design. 

Have you listened to the songs of your heart lately? 


  1. You go, girl! I love how God is unleashing your gifts, your passion, your dreams, one simple step at a time. Just too cool ...

    1. Yup, one simple step at a time is exactly what it is. I just need to learn to be patient :)

  2. Yuko this is great! I so wish I had musical ability. It's wonderful you're reconnecting with this part of you.

    1. I haven't played in a while, so I have a lot of catching up to do. But I'm having a lot of fun with it. Too bad you don't play music - I was hoping we could form a band together! Do you sing? ;-)


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