January 19, 2014

DWR Champagne Chair 2014 Entry & Breaking Through The Uninspired Moments

Before I forget, I wanted to share my miniature chair I made for the Champagne Chair Contest hosted by Design Within Reach. You can read more about the contest here

Are you ready? 

Drumroll, please....

Behold! Yuko's Convertible Side Rocker:

This is a chair with a television stand (?) and a coffee table that converts into a side rocker. WOW!

Okay, I was totally kidding about that wow. Even though it's a cute chair, I know there's nothing impressive about it. Definitely not a prize winning chair. If you remember from my previous post, I was feeling ambitious about making a mind-blowing chair this year so that I could win the prize, but it never happened. Why? I simply ran out of time.

That being said, I am happy with how it turned out considering I spent only three hours making this chair. I was up until four in the morning working on it and I wasn't even drinking Champagne this time! I almost wasn't going to make it this year. I want to give myself credit just for following through with my word and submitting my chair. Way to go, Yuko!

The winner of the contest will be announced on January 29th. I'll let you know if I ever win or become a finalist. Miracles do happen, so you'll never know.

Never give up hope, right? 

Now moving onto the next topic.

I've been feeling uninspired lately. I don't know if it's my hormones, the weather, or motherhood blues, but it's probably all of them. 

The boys have been under the weather over the past few days and we've all been tired and cranky. I stepped on some dried up Cherrios that have somehow remained on the kitchen floor even after sweeping. I couldn't find a pair of gloves for my 5-year-old, which we used to have half a dozen pairs neatly put away in the closet. Steve and I were supposed to have a date night last night, but our 2-year-old came down with a fever and we ended up being stuck in our messy house with two fussy kids. Didn't I just clean up the house the day before? Lovely.

I'm tired and worn out. Needless to say, sleep deprived. 

So I decided to try a few things that might help me feel inspired again.
1) I went and talked to Steve how I've been feeling low, stuck, and uninspired lately. 
This wasn't a good move because I ended up complaining how much I hate living in a cold climate like this and wanted to move to Hawaii yesterday. Moving on...

2) I went to some of my favorite blogs for inspiration.  
This usually works, but this time was different. I needed something more. I needed to take some actions myself to make things better. 

So I did the only thing I had left to do.
3) I sat quietly and prayed I needed help. I prayed that I was desperately needing guidance.
Then the word formed clearly in my head: Limitation. 
I need limitation.

I need to limit what I focus on and make it a starting point. 

When I have a house full of mess, it helps me to focus on one area of the house at a time. Like tackling the dishes piled up in the sink and start from there. Perhaps I can work on my thoughts and feelings the same way. Giving attention to one thought at a time. 

So, I chose the one word that spoke to me the most at the moment: Kindness

I will focus on this topic for the entire week and see what will unfold from there. I will tell you why I chose the word Kindness when I come back tomorrow. 


  1. oh yeah, honey, i can relate to this post! but you did it--you made that chair and gave yourself the gift of permission to be creative, no matter the loss of sleep. i have a friend who has 4 children, and when we were walking through the years you are in now, she said that if she ever had a company that produced creative things, she would call it "the wee hours of the night", because that was the only time she had to herself to get anything accomplished. the other hours of her day were consumed--consumed--by Cheerios being swept off the floor, cuddling feverish little people, and feeling, particularly in January, like she was hemmed in by the cold.

    why is it that we only go to God and seek His way through all this after we've exhausted ourselves? been there, done that. the enemy deceives us into thinking we have to try all on our own first--that's why.

    SO, know you are in good company when you feel what you feel: it is not uncommon to motherhood, to life. what is uncommon to motherhood, to life is choosing kindness toward yourself. you have been given a great gift by the Father to receive. can't wait to hear more as you unpack this during this month!

    1. Jenn, you read my mind! Being kind toward myself is exactly what I try to work on this week. And yes, I do everything except caring for the kids during "the wee hours of the night!" That's why many of my blog posts haven been published either super early in the morning or really late at night. Thank you for sharing your insights - they are amazing as always oxox

  2. I can relate to this. I think there is a blurred line for creative people between seeking inspiration (magazines, blogs) and finding inspiration. Sometimes regardless of how beautiful other people's things are--I need to find and create my own inspiration. It sounds like your prayer helped you find yours. Oh that chair is so cute! Must have been tedious!

    1. Yes, it is SO important to find our own inspiration and act on it. You are my inspiration by the way ;) And It was reeeally tedious making that chair but at least I enjoyed the process.


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