January 10, 2014

Craig's List Find: Faux Bamboo Tables

Is it Friday already? 

Phew, this week went by so fast!

We are having my husband's cousins and their kids over for a big "playdate" tomorrow. So today, I'm busy trying to put our house together. I have a lot of unfinished projects around the house. Like that drywall in the living room I haven't touched up yet. 

I'm not obviously aiming high here. My goal is to tie up a few loose ends and make our house feel more comfortable and less like a construction site.

The past few years has brought us some important changes in our lives. For one, we have slowly learned to simplify our lives by getting rid of things we don't use or love. This has been an eye opening experience for us; we not only learned to pare down our possessions but also had to rethink our buying habits. We basically don't buy things unless we need them and/or absolutely love them.

After selling many furniture pieces and shifting things around the house, we are now left with an empty living room. My dream is to eventually have a piano and a comfy sofa and chairs in there to turn it into a music room. But for now, I'd rather have it empty than cramming something in it just for the sake of having it filled. I've been using this space to work on my DIY projects, and it's been great. 

Since our seating is limited, I wonder if I should let all the kids sit on the living room floor and have them eat their munchies "picnic style" tomorrow. What do you think?

Before I ran off to do some more fixing up and cleaning, I wanted to share my recent purchase from Craig's List. 

I scored these Thomasville faux bamboo coffee and end tables on Craig's List right before Christmas for $30! I'd been looking for a coffee table in Hollywood Regency style for a long time, so I was thrilled when I found these tables for such a great price. 

I love the Chinese Chippendale details. 

They are in their original creamy yellow finish and can use some TLC. I'm going to refinish them to make them work for our house. 

I'm thinking of panting them with a lacquer finish, but I haven't decided a color yet. The coffee table will eventually go in the living room. I haven't decided if I want to keep the end tables. If I don't find a good place for them, I will be selling them. 

Let's see what color I should paint the tables.
Perhaps I will paint them gold,

image via Recently The Blog

or white, 

image via Circa Who

or a beautiful shade of peacock blue like this?

image via I'm Busy Procrastinating

Pastels are pretty too, like the color on this painted buffet, 

Interior by Cute & Co, Photo by Vitalic Photo

or the pale turquoise on these faux bamboo chairs.

image via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

A more organic and natural color palette would be nice too, like this muted sage green on these dining chairs, paired with a primitive wooden piece. I really like the mood of this space.

Image via Pinterest. Source unknown.

I'm just finishing up painting the living room walls in Benjamin Moore Seashell.

BM Seashell on the walls. Interior by Lauren Liess

This is a creamy white with a hint of yellow. It's this subtle color that makes a room inviting, which I think is hard to accomplish with a stark white. I love this living room designed by the talented interior designer Lauren Liess. It is so warm and inviting, yet modern and fresh at the same time. 

So I got the wall paint color and the coffee table set for the living room.
What color would you choose to paint those tables?



  1. hi yuko!

    wow what an amazing score from craigslist. love love love those tables. i'm the worst person to ask about what color to paint things b/c i can never decide myself. any of the color choices you listed would look great. lucky you!

    oh i'll add you to my blogroll also!


    1. Thanks Janet! Craig has been my best resource for furniture lately, and it's amazing what we can find when we're patient enough to wait for just the right pieces. Thank you for adding me on your blogroll too! - I'm honored oxox!

  2. Great find Yuko!! The coffee table is gorgeous (great details) and I adore the pair of tables. Just this morning as I was waiting on Dan to wake up I was looking at the current issue of House Beautiful and admiring a pair of tables like this in Scot Meacham Wood's apt. Your are even better than his;) I love the gold, but am also a huge fan of a lacquered black- think all rooms need something black in them! Good luck with the choice!

    1. Thank you Joan for your advice! I love the idea of a lacquered black; it'll look great against the wall color. I also like the way how black anchors a room. Now I'm really thinking black :)

  3. AAAAAHHH!!! I love those tables so much. I love them. Love them. I have a faux bamboo side table in my salon painted silver. I like it because it really shows the detail and is sort of understated.

    1. I love my tables too! And I love YOUR silver table too! When I spied your silver faux bamboo table on your blog, I had to enlarge the picture to take a close look at it lol. Did you paint the table yourself?

    2. Thanks! Yes I did. Just good ol' rustoleum!


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