January 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend: Kindness - Day 5

My husband, Steve, turned 35 today.

We've been married for over six blissful years.

Adam A. Palmer Photography

Knowing I get to wake up next to my best friend for the rest of my life is the best feeling there is. Steve is the kindest, sweetest, and the most patient person that I've ever known. I know so because he deals with this mean, moody girl every day without complaints (ask him). 

We've been through many good times and some challenging times together. 

Steve is a fantastic dad to our boys. He puts his family first, and we know he will always be there for us.

He teaches the boys important things: 
He shares his love for nature with them. 

Our pumpkin harvest from 2011

Learning how to fish is obviously very important.

He teaches them it's important be silly sometimes and not take things too seriously.  

He shows them what it means to be loving and caring. 

 He is a supportive and loving husband, who is always willing to give more than he receives.

Steve & me at the Barn event with Emily & John Freeman

He drove all the way to North Carolina with me in a snow storm back in November, so that I could attend the Barn event. It took us over11 hours to get there and he did most of the driving. He always knows what matters to me and supports my goals and dreams no matter how crazy they seem. 

He is also an excellent hunter, 

a successful realtor
Steve Jones Homes
and a loyal friend to his buddies. 

He is a wonderful son and a big brother,

Adam A. Palmer Photography

and the best son-in-law my parents could ever ask for.

On the 5th day of this kindness week, I want to dedicate all of my love and kindness to this very special person.

Happy Birthday, Stephen! I love you so very much. 
Here's to many more happy and healthy years together!  


This is my third kindness post of the week. You can read the previous posts here and here

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.


  1. Very sweet post. And I like your husband's name! Haha. And I'm so glad his is spelled the right way :) his middle name isn't Andrew, is it? Great photos. Hope you guys have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thanks Stephen. Haha, I know the name...you got the same name with my husber! But don't worry, he is not Andrew ;) Have a good rest of the weekend ox

  2. Just found your blog. This is indeed a sweet post.


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