March 4, 2014

2 Questions to Help You Find Your Passion

Did you notice that I haven't had my profile description up on my blog yet? If you take a look on the right side bar, you'll only find my name and picture at "About" section. When I started this blog, I left that part blank on purpose. 


I didn't want to give myself a label that might lead me in a wrong direction. Labeling is a powerful thing.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to uncover the unique design of who I am. What makes me come alive?  What makes my heart sing? I kept asking myself these questions every day for the past three months. Of course, I had some ideas about what I liked and what I didn't, but I didn't want to mold myself into something I was not by mislabeling myself.

After three months of blogging, I think I finally figured out what I feel most passionate about. Yes, it took me three months of exploring different topics. 

Do you remember, I have recently refined my decorating style (and still evolving), realized art and I are inseparable, and become a tad wiser as a parent? I have also overcome my initial fear of putting myself out here (here and here), struggled through motherhood (here, here and here), and realized that talking about fashion and frugal living are not my strong suit. I have even tried my hands on some DIY projects (here, here and here). I sure covered as many areas as I thought would be interesting. 

My decorating essentials. I can't live without them.

I knew it was about time to start narrowing down some of these topics.

So, I decided to focus on what I truly enjoy sharing on this blog. If I'm not having fun writing and sharing certain topics, why should I work so hard on those areas? I should be spending more time doing what I love instead, don't you think?  

There are two areas I feel most passionate about right now.
1) Interior design and decorating.
I just can't get enough of it. I think about interior design and decorating throughout the day, everyday. If I'm not tweaking things around the house, I'm studying pretty spaces on Pinterest or shelter magazines. It's an obsession I have no idea what to do except sharing it here. 

2) Art. 
My old love and my newly re-discovered passion. I have no idea where this is going to take me, but I'm excited about exploring this part of myself.

You will hear more about these topics in the future. I also enjoy sharing some of my life stories, including stories on motherhood. This will be the third one, but I will only write on this topic when I feel inspired. 

3) Motherhood and stories about finding my true self.
The areas that felt like dreaded chores than sharing with joy.
- DIY projects
- Simple & Frugal living

I realized even though I do a lot of DIY projects around the house, I don't really enjoy writing about them. I guess I just do them out of necessity but not out of passion. If I ever come across any DIY projects that I feel excited about though, I'm sure I will be sharing them here. But DIY is not going to be the major focus of this blog. In the same way, I didn't care much about sharing my pursuit of simple and frugal living. Yes, I enjoy having that lifestyle, but those are not exactly what I'm passionate about. 

Now you know what to expect from this blog, at least for now. I'm sure it will continue to change as both I and this blog grow. 

My half painted china cabinet. Yes, it's still half painted.

Along the way, I came across two questions that helped me find my true passions. I bet asking these questions will help you narrow down your passion, too.

1) What makes you excited?
If you ask my husband, he would tell you I just can't stop talking about interior design, which he takes no interest whatsoever. I know I bore him to death by doing this. But when I get excited about creating a beautiful space, I just can't help but talk about it. (I am an ENFP, remember?) What makes you excited? What is it you can't stop thinking about?

 2) What are the things you do while you're procrastinating? 
If I had an entire day to myself, I'd likely be spending time working around the house, decorating. I am guilty of working on my decorating and art projects while I watch my boys. Sometimes I even put the TV on for them so that I can work on my projects. Or if I have a toilet that requires cleaning, I'd rather ignore it and work on my projects. What dirty toilet? I didn't see it!

quote by Jessica Hische. image source unknown.

I stopped calling my passions hobbies. 

I stopped feeling guilty about spending time doing what I truly enjoy doing. 

I may now be busier than ever, and I may not sleep as much at night anymore. But I have to say I am happier than ever!

It's so important to give yourself permission to work on what you're passionate about, not matter how small, impractical, or silly it seems.  

You may not be making money doing it, but that's not good enough reason not to do it. If you take your passion seriously and work really hard on it, you may encourage other people along the way. And you never know, you may end up making a living doing what you love. I believe money follows your passion, not the other way around. 
"Be willing to do the work you love for free, often and generously and continue to gather knowledge in the field of your passion and if you are married, encourage your spouse to do the same."

                                                                                                                       - The Nester
What makes you come alive? 

What are the things you can't stop talking about? 


  1. okay, i'll go first. i am passionate about helping people develop better relational skills. i HIGHLY VALUE my friends and i'm interested in getting to know better the people who cross my path each day. i wish everyone knew how fulfilling it is to see people, say some small thing that lets them know they're valued, and have them engage you in return!

    1. You truly are gifted with your interpersonal skills. You make others feel cared and special. I'm so blessed to get to know you through this blog!

  2. I had my fingers crosses decorating would be one of the areas you were passionate in, as I love your design style :-)

    1. You're so sweet. Thank you so much! Perhaps I can talk about nursery design some time :)

  3. And I've enjoyed reading all along the way! I always find perfectionists very interesting. As it is a foreign concept to me :)
    Also interesting to me is thinking about what I do while I am procrastinating. Unfortunately I watch Real Housewives. So if my path is to have overly blown-out hair, an omnipresent glass of white wine, and confrontations all the way I guess I should embrace it! Haha sounds easier. Actually I am very lucky in that I love what I do. So while I love my time off for hobbies, I'm always ready to get back into work. Sometimes I actually have dreams about haircolor formulas. Must be the fumes.

    1. Pretend I didn't call them hobbies!

    2. Must be the fumes ;) It's great you love what you do. I'm always curious how people find and follow their passion. Perhaps you can write a guest post here some time ;)

  4. Yuko, I love how methodical you are in your approach to things. You really mull and think things through. I'm terribly impetuous and could have used a more methodical approach throughout my life. I guess it all comes down to personality.

    1. Yes, it's definitely my personality!


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