February 11, 2014

What is your personality type?

I noticed that some personality tests are going around on facebook lately, at least around my circle of friends. Those tests typically confirm what you already know, but I couldn't resist taking them. Why? Well, I've been trying to figure out the true design of who I am and what makes me come alive (you can read about it here and here). So, I'm open to anything that gives me insight on that matter. You'll never know. Those test results might surprise you in a way you never expected.

This is the first test I took: What career should you actually have?

image via Buzz Feed

And the test result says,  

Interesting. I'm not sure if I am an architect type of person, but there's some truth to it: I am a creative being and as long as I get to create something, I am happy. And oh, just so you know, I also have a perfect artist's temperament (expressive and explosive). Now, do you want to be my friend? 

And this is the second test I took: What door would you walk through?

Connection To Creative

I'm not going to tell you which door I chose, just in case you are going to take this test. But based on the door I chose, this is what they say.
It is obvious you are a quirky individual and very interesting to the people that you let into your life. You are good at many things... a “Jack or Jill of all trades”. You are an artistic individual that expresses yourself in many ways. You can make something out of anything and are not a stranger to your local thrift shop. You can basically make vintage “new” again. It is easy to get stuck inside the house or inside your urban bubble; but remember that you have to get out and connect with nature. It is time to come down out of the clouds and get grounded!
How do they know I am a "Jack of all trades," not stranger to my local thrift shop, prone to get stuck inside of my little bubble? I guess it's about time for me to get out of that bubble and connect with outside world. I'd have to say this test result is more accurate than I expected. At least it was for me.

Last but not least, I took this famous personality test, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), from this book: Do What You Are by Tieger & Barron-Tieger

You can take a free online MBTI test here. 
Do What You Are

One of the major factors you have to decide is if you are Extraverted (action oriented) or Introverted (thought oriented).  Now this was a tricky one for me and I honestly could not decide which one I am. I think I am more thought oriented, which is an Introvert. But according to the test, I qualify more as an Extravert. Let's take a look:  

Extraverts: Introverts:
Are energized by being with other people
Are energized by spending time alone Yes
Like being the center of attention Absolutely avoid being the center of attention No
Act, then think No Think, then act Yes
Tend to think out loud 100% Yes Think things through inside their heads Yes
Are easier to "read" and know; share personal information freely Depends
Are more private, prefer to share personal information with a select few Depends
Talk more than listen Yes, and I'm not proud of it Listen more than talk No
Communicate with enthusiasm Yes Keep their enthusiasm to themselves No
Respond quickly; enjoy a fast pace Yes Respond after taking the time to think things through, enjoy a slower pace No
Prefer breath to depth No Prefer depth to breath Yes

I tend to think out loud, and talking with others helps me clarify my thoughts. Interacting with like minded people gets my creative juice going and gives me the inspiration and ideas I need. But, I'm also a deep thinker, and I need plenty of alone time to indulge that part of myself. The quiet time alone helps me reflect on the ideas I get from interacting with others, and I prefer working by myself when I am actually creating something. And yes, I am an attention hoarder. I am enthusiastic. I talk fast, loud, and respond quickly.

Which am I? I think I am both of them. I think I am a deep, quiet thinking Introvert with some strong Extravert qualities. So I decided I am a cross between ENFP and INFP.

image via CPP, Inc

image via CPP, Inc

 Personality facts by The Sixteen Types

And here are some occupations from these personality types that I can resonate with. 

Personality Type
Documentary filmmaker
Television producer
Interior designer
Clinical Psychologist

The top three are the type of jobs I wanted to get right out of college while I was still in Japan. The bottom two reflect my former life before motherhood (I was in the field of early childhood developmental research). Interior design and art is something I am currently interested in pursuing. It's fascinating to see how my job preferences have transitioned from ENFP to INFP to ENFP/INFP in the different stages of life.

I think my ideal is to have my own studio where I can focus on creative tasks alone (INFP), while I have plenty of opportunities to mingle with like minded folks for inspiration, bouncing ideas, and organizing my thoughts (ENFP). 

How can I satisfy attention seeking side of myself? I have no idea. I will figure that out as my life unfolds. In the meantime, hand me that microphone and don't even think about taking it away from me! 

Which personality type are you? 

Do you find taking personality tests helpful?


  1. i LOVE personality tests!!! the best one i've ever taken was one i took last year called the Kendall Life Languages Profile. costs $45 to take it online, and must have someone who is a qualified assessor give you the code to take it. (let me know if you want to and i can hook you up.)

    anyway, i am an ESFJ, and i think that since you have trouble deciding if you're an introvert or an extrovert, you might be an ambivert. check out this article about it: http://lonerwolf.com/ambivert/

    you might also find the book Quiet by Susan Cain very interesting and enlightening.

    i think personality tests are very helpful because they provide an objective way of seeing yourself. you can't get outside yourself in any other way because the opinions of those around you are subjective. keep exploring; i have found out new things about myself over the decades i've taken them.

    1. Thanks for sharing all the info, Jenn! I have to check out the article if I'm an ambivert. And I'd love to take the Kendall Life Language Profile test, but probably not right now ($). Now I know you are an ESFJ, and you know I'll be checking that out in the book today ;) ;)

  2. I appreciate personality tests but think they are generally of no use unless there is a psychologist to decipher them. Writes the man who checks his personalized horoscope FIRST thing in the morning :) what I mean is I think just like a horoscope it's easy to seek the things I'm looking for and gloss over the rest. As my exes will tell you, I have a borderline personality. Haha. Expressive and explosive is a brilliant way of putting it. I totally understand what you say about feeling like both an extrovert and an introvert. Sometimes I think I am an introvert with an extrovert's mouth attached. My MB is ENTJ which I have NEVER agreed with, but I suppose that's sort of an ENTJ way to be. I remember when I took the test for the first time in high school I disputed the test's accuracy with my teacher. She asked me how many people in the classroom do I say hi to in the halls? I said "all of them except one. He's kind of an ass". She assured me that was the most ENTJ way one could answer the question.
    Lastly I remember my suitable careers including clergy. Even my teacher had a laugh at that.

    1. So, you are ENTJ, Stephen Andrew. If you were INTJ, we could be best friends! I think what's informative when you take a test like this is not necessarily the category or results (in this case suitable occupations) that tells you what you are, but identifying some qualities and tendencies that you can resonate with. If you think you have a slight "introverted" tendency, I would check INTJ as well and compare that with ENTJ. You might be able to find some common threads that give you an insight on your true design. Like Jenn (above) said, taking various personality tests and compare the results might help you draw an entire picture of who you are, but it's hard to do that from a single test. I have a psychology background, so I get pretty nerdy with things like this ;)

    2. I understand what you mean. It's funny because I've always relied on astrology for introspection I suppose. I also use it to try and understand other people. I probably just have an attitude about personality tests because they remind me of school :)
      I think the other thing is when I read the profile of an ENTJ I see alllll the things I don't like about my personality. So I suppose the essence of this rambling comment is: I'd rather not be confronted with the nuances of my own difficult personality! Haha. Now, about astrology...

  3. Very interesting. It looks like I'm a total INFP.

    1. Awesome! You got the same type with mine (I'm an ENFP/INFP hybrid). You must be an insightful and creative person, like me! Do you think taking the test helped you understand who you are?


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