April 22, 2014

Our Foyer Today

How was your weekend?  

We had a great time celebrating Easter with our family.

The kids had a lot of fun hunting for Easter eggs.

 Cousins. They are the best buds and so adorable together.

After a week long Easter break, my 5-year-old went back to school yesterday. As much as I enjoy having him around, it's nice to get back into our normal routine.

I recently framed one of my paintings, Contemplating, and have found a place for it. My 5-year-old decided to call it "Pompom Head," and that somehow sounds more fitting than my original title.

Resin Bust and "Pompom Head"

It sits right behind the DIY painted resin bust in the foyer.

Our foyer is in need of some serious intervention. The DIY painted trumeau mirror hangs where the Hollywood Regency mirror used to be (the HR mirror is currently in the guest bedroom). I haven't decided how exactly I want to decorate the wall yet. 

The foyer has been the most challenging space to decorate due to its shape and lighting. The hallway that leads to the kitchen is so narrow that I can't put any furniture deeper than 13 inches deep under the trumeau mirror. We only have small north-facing windows by the front door, so this area gets very little natural light throughout the day. Do you have a room like that in your home? 

Since this is the place you see when you first walk in, I want something interesting with a big impact. How can I transform this space from drab to fab? 

As always, I went to my Pinterest board for some inspiration. Pinterest has been such a helpful tool for me to gather pictures for inspiration and learn from them - I would analyze how some designs work and some don't. I'm a visual learner so it works perfect for me. I wouldn't know what to do without it!

Here are some of my favorite vignettes.

Furlow Gatewood. via House Beautiful
Jonathan Berger. via House Beautiful
Suzanne Rheinstein. via Elle Decor
David Duncan Livingston. image via Stagetecture
image via Traditional Home
Ashley Whittaker. image via The Foo Dog Ate My Homework
Thornton Designs. image via House of Turquoise

Across from the resin bust and painting is the front door with the little windows.

Looking into the foyer from the kitchen.

Well, I tightly cropped the above picture so it'll look decent. But our foyer looks like this in reality. Part of the ceiling has been out for quite some time. Our goal is to have it finally fixed this summer! 

We have a long way to go! I'm going to start making some small changes this week, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Any suggestions?


  1. I think it looks peaceful and welcoming, but I can understand the urge to swap things around. Maybe some Chinese garden stools for colour? I love the honeycomb floor!

    1. I love Chinese garden stools and would love to have one in our home (it's so practical - can be an end table and/or extra seating!) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. How beautiful the little cousins look as they do their Easter egg hunt! I know FOR SURE that my 6 little grand kiddos would not be looking so fine by mid-afternoon!

    Sweet, sweet ...

    1. We changed their outfit right after the mass, then changed them back into their Easter outfit right before we headed over to my in-laws, where the egg hunt took place. That explains why they look so fine in the pictures! ox

  3. i'd move the large mirror to where Pompom Head is (:D) and perhaps add some color to the frame with paint or by draping part of it with a scarf with the same colors as PH and the beads on the bust. I'd put PH and the bust and the table it's on where the mirror is and move the bench to another area entirely. it's clogging up too much of the space--the hallway is narrow enough as it is.

    What if you took down the doors to the closet and replaced them with a cool fabric, again with an orange theme, or perhaps orange and blue, since those colors are ones you seem drawn to. that would soften that area tremendously. what about adding faux tapers to those scones--the ones that have the realistic battery operated "flame"--to infuse the area with a little more light, no matter the time of day? can't tell if there's an outlet underneath that bench, but if there is, perhaps adding a small lamp instead of the bust, again for infusing the area with light you can control.

    those are my thoughts! i love the chairs on either side of the front door though!

    1. Wow, so many great ideas! - thanks Jenn! I see you figured I love orange and blue ;-) I love the idea of adding a fabric for color/texture. I've never thought of faux tapers for the sconces (I didn't even know such thing existed!) Great idea! I wonder if Amazon sell those?

  4. I love your floor. I think you can add some color by painting the mirror or possibly the front door. You can pull a color from your painting or find a color that complements it. You could alternatively add color by painting the wooden chair and adding a printed pillow to the bench.

    1. Pulling a color from the painting is a great idea! I've been wanted to add a pillow to the bench as well. Great suggestions - thank you so much! ox

  5. The blue and white plates that you keep taking down in the kitchen-put them in here!

    1. Speaking of b&w, I LOVE your son's outfit! So cute.

    2. Oh the blue and white plates! Yes, I will have to move them here! See, I love blue and white so much that I have to dress my boys in those colors all the time (isn't that blue-white gingham shirt adorable?) Thank you for your suggestion! ox

  6. your kids are soooooooooooooooo darling! i love their little easter outfits.
    i'm with stephen andrew, those blue plates belong there!

    1. Haha, thanks Janet! The little girl is actually my niece - isn't she adorable? I got two beautiful boys who love to run around and wrestle all the time. Yes, the blue and white plates will be in our foyer, for sure!


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