April 29, 2014

Because small progress is better than no progress

Things progress slow here, much slower than I'd personally like. As you already know, I'm an impatient person and I want things to happen "yesterday."

What would you do when you have a big goal or a dream and you feel so far from achieving that goal?

I make a tentative plan to achieve the goal and start working with the smallest, easiest step.

Because making small progress every day is better than making no progress at all. 

I take the same approach when I decorate our home.   

Making our home pretty makes me feel good, even when I can only take baby steps. Yes, it's frustrating at times how long it takes get where I want it to be, but I know at least I'm moving forward.  

So I made a plan for the foyer that helps me envision the end result and work toward the finish line one step at a time. Taking small steps and celebrating each accomplishment gives me the hope I need to keep going.

Our foyer in need of sprucing up

It's a tentative plan because I will probably change things as I go along. 

I am going to do a blue and white porcelain gallery wall on either sides of the trumeau mirror, similar to this. 
Peter Vitale via Veranda

I hung a couple of white and blue plates I had at hand so that I can get the feel for it.

Not bad at all.

I added another plate and a ginger jar to see if I like "the gallery wall" look.

I think I do like it!

I'm going to add a beautiful rug in shades or red, coral, and blue. I wonder if I'll be able to score something like this on craigslist.

Apartment Therapy

And finally, I had to try white paint on the wall, just because... 

I wanted to see if the white paint I used in our family room works better, but I think I'm happier with the original gray: Taking an action to achieve my goal makes me happy, even if it doesn't turn out the way I expected. At least I tried the white paint and I don't have to ever wonder again "what if I liked the white better." 

I make a lot of mistakes when it comes to decorating and life in general, but trying something new and making mistakes helps me develop my preferences. 

I also celebrate things that feed my soul, no matter how small they seem. This helps me stay positive and stay on course.

Antique ginger jar. One of my favorite blue and white things: Surrounding myself with beautiful things makes me happy. 

I think I'm going to make a simple, minimalistic drawing like this for the gilt frame  : Thinking about art and actually making it makes me happy.


The resin bust with my favorite necklace from Elizabeth Perry Collections: A pretty necklace makes me happy, especially when it's displayed where I can see every day. 

Last but not least, these boys make me happy (most of the time).

photo credit: my mother-in-law, Linda

What are your dreams? 

Do you make small progress every day to make your big dream come true?


  1. love your boys! fun and energetic, yes?

    and I was just telling my husband today that small and steady works for me when it comes to cleaning out, de-cluttering, getting rid of stuff. to do everything at once would be overwhelming. I really need to be into it to do it well.

    I hope your week sparkles, Yuko!


    1. Yes, my boys are super fun and energetic, to say the least :) Linda, I agree with you - de-cluttering and simplifying really is a process, and you need to be consistent about it too (hardest part for me). I really like your approach. Now you make me want to go through my closet and de-clutter! ox

  2. What a beautiful family you all are! I think deciding to take a big project step by step is so wise and makes it all more fulfilling. I wish I were like that. As the quintessential Taurus, I tend to forge ahead with my ideas often past a reasonable point. It tends to make projects of mine daunting and intense rather than fun and leisurely. I'm probably going to build a house within the next year(ish), and I think I'm going to need regular psychological council to make it through.
    Your entry is looking great. And I agree with you on the original wall color. Your ginger jar is so gorgeous! My blue and white pottery collection is woefully understocked, and I so covet beautiful items like that.

    1. You are my birthday month twin! I'm Taurus too, and believe or not, you sound a lot like me. I often get so stressed out about decorating because that, and I need to step back and put it into perspective. That's probably why I came up with this post to encourage myself :) How exciting you'll be building your house! I'd love to know all about it!


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