October 25, 2014

I Believe

Hello everyone!

While I was working on my blog profile, I came up with a list of things that I believe.

Writing about myself has been a lot harder than I expected, and as you know, I've procrastinated almost a year to work on this part of my blog. 

Making this list gave me a better picture of who I am today, at this season of my life. It's fascinating to see how my priorities have changed over the past several years. I definitely didn't feel that using our fine china for everyday meals would be a good idea when I got married 7 years ago! 

It's a bit random thing to post but I thought it might be fun to share it with you. So here we go!

* * * 
I believe that floppy wildflowers are more beautiful than a store bought bouquet of flowers, especially when your little one picked them just for you.

I believe in using our good china everyday.
I believe in celebrating small achievements and milestones in life. 

I believe when you have a partner in crime, taking a risk is a little less scary.

Found this Halloween picture from 10 years ago!

I believe that you don't fail until you give up or unless you don't learn from mistakes.

I believe that being unique and a bit weird is a sign of being truly yourself.  

I believe that belly giggles can mend a broken heart.

photo credit: Linda Jones

I believe there is always time for a hug or a cuddle with your loved ones.

I believe in the power of homemade meals.  

I believe that kids learning how to build a fort is as important as learning ABCs and 123s. 

I believe all of us are created with a unique set of gifts, and we are meant to share our gifts with the world.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. And we are meant to share our story with others, because as ordinary as it may seem, there is someone out there who needs your story

I believe that you are the happiest when you follow your heart and pursue your dream, no matter what anyone else thinks.

"Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure."
- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

* * *
I feel happy when I go through my list, and I think it's a good sign. It probably means that I am on the right track on my journey. Listening to your heart and following your dream is a process, and it's not always easy. But it doesn't mean that we can't make it fun. Don't you agree? 

I wonder what your list would look like and also make you feel like when you read it. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. and I believe that you are a very talented lady with a gorgeous family ... and that the sky is the limit for you as you move ahead,Yuko!


  2. Your family is beautiful, Yuko! I agree with Linda. Wonderful learning more about you. Hope you are enjoying the weekend with your boys. Cheers from DC!

    1. Thanks Loi! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. What wonderful beliefs! Yes to always using the best china! And a big yes to sharing your story. You never know who might need to hear it! xx

    1. Yes, and so glad we share the same values! I'm looking forward to learning more about you xx

  4. Beautiful family and such a heartwarming post! xx


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