September 8, 2014

What I've Learned This Summer

When I wrote the previous post, I thought that would be my "what I learned" post for August
because that pretty much summed up what I've learned this summer. I linked up to Emily's site as always do and was going to call a day. 

But I've been writing this series every month since I started this blog over 9 month ago, and I just couldn't move forward without it. So, here is my reflection from last month in no particular order: 

1. Change can be difficult at times. But it's good that things are changing because that means we are growing. That means we are living. Change is good
The First Day of School!

My 5-year-old started first grade last Wednesday, and today was my 3-year-old's first day at preschool. No tears have been shed so far and it's been a smooth transition. So far so good! Great job, boys!

2. I enjoy taking photos.

Thank you all for the kind words about my photos. I don't know much about photography yet, but I really started to enjoy capturing moments through the lens. It's my new medium for expressing my creativity.

3. Art has no boundaries.  

I came across this video by the Hungarian photographer Adam Magyar, which is a high speed video recording took place at Shinjuku station in Tokyo. This must be the coolest thing I've seen in the long time and I absolutely love it! 

Click here to watch it on Vimeo.

Art doesn't have to be limited to a paint brush, paper or canvas. Inspired by the video, now I collect eggshells for my new art project. 

I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but I'm hoping to turn them into something fabulous.

4. Life is a little bittersweet and it's better that way.

5. I want to spend more time gardening.

After reading Janet's {The Gardener's Cottage} and Terry's {Mr. El Casco Gardener} posts about their beautiful gardens, I'm now inspired to garden more.

Their posts reminded me how much I love and miss my grandmother, who is a master gardener and at 90, she still gardens. I learned so much from her, not only about gardening but also about life, through watching her tending her gardens every day. I see myself spending more time outside among flowers in the future.

6. Now my 5-year-old corrects my mispronunciations. He is my new English teacher. My baby is growing up way too fast.  

7. Embracing your unique design is the very first step of becoming

When I started this blog to document my journey of becoming the person I'm designed to be, I knew I need to embrace who I am today, including the good and bad (see the tagline, embrace your unique design?). I knew moving forward without it is like trying to climb a ladder with no rungs. 

But I have to admit, embracing my unique design hasn't been easy. I constantly worry about what others think of me and seek acceptance from them. 

Today I'm glad to say, I finally started to make peace with who I am. I'm unique and I'm one of a kind. I don't fit in - I never did and I never will. So why do I even try? 

Image via Overstock

It feels good to be me. 

Now it's your turn. What did you learn this summer? 


  1. i always love a good visit with you, Yuko! unique, creative, and just plain lovely? yes, you are! and your online space relfects it.


    1. Thank you, Linda! It's been great to get to know you through your beautiful blog!

  2. Letting go and trusting is what I learned anew this summer. I now have a 20 yr old (the thought still blows my mind) son, and releasing him to his own life journey is hard when you've invested decades in its success. I was reminded that God Who began the good work in my son's life will be faithful--MORE faithful than I could ever be--to see it to completion. I cannot go back an redo anything, as much as I'd like. He was there then, and He will be with Him until the end of his life.

    1. Hi Jenn! That's a big transition you've been going through. Learning to let go and trusting isn't easy at all, but we sure learn so much from motherhood when we embrace those life transitions.

  3. I hope your boys have an awesome school year, Yuko. And I cannot wait to see what you do with the eggshells. Cheers, L

    1. Thank you Loi! I just started to get some ideas about what to do with those eggshells, and I'm super excited about it! xx

  4. Can't wait to see what the eggshells become. Such great texture. You should find some pale blue eggs or duck eggs (often grey) to add to the mix!
    I love the photo of the boys on their first day! And it cracks me up seeing the differences in a first and second born. Great photograph.

    1. Haha, you're right! You can see their different personalities in the photo. My oldest is wearing his school uniform, so that might help him look more proper though :) I'd love to add pale blue or gray eggs to the collection!


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