September 19, 2014

How I Chose The Perfect Paint Color | Master Bedroom

I think choosing a right paint color is one of the hardest things to do when you're decorating your home. 

It's not just about which color you like. You need to understand how the light in the room changes throughout the day and which colors work together. I've tried close to a hundred different paint colors over the past several years and now I know which ones work the best for our current home. It's been a learning experience.  

Choosing the right paint color for our master bedroom has been a challenge. 

Knowing this would be the first color we see in the morning, I've been very particular about picking the right one. I usually have a cup of coffee there and spend a little quiet time alone in our bedroom before I wake up the kids. I wanted this space to be calm and serene, not just pretty and stylish. I wanted our bedroom to be a place that nurtures our soul as well as provides rest. 

I finally chose the perfect paint color for our master bedroom. Do you want to how I solve this decorating dilemma? 

I listened to my husband's suggestion.

Totally unexpected. I know. 

Wall paint color: Gray Cashmere by Benjamin Moore

My husband, Steve, rarely has opinions when it comes to decorating our home. He knows it's my thing and he just lets me do whatever makes me happy. 

When he does speak up though, I know that's something important to him. So I pay attention. 

Steve was vacuuming the guest bedroom the other day, and when he was done, he told me he wanted our bedroom to be the same color. (You can see our guest bedroom in progress here and here.)

I had a little left over paint from painting the guest bedroom, so I decided to test the paint in our master bedroom. And you know what? I really like it. 

I thought I had to paint our bedroom in a different color, or at least in a different shade of gray, from the guest bedroom. I thought it would be too boring to paint those two rooms in the same color. 

Isn't it funny how sometimes we create a silly rule in our head and stick to it? Those rules can paralyze our decorating decisions, or any life decisions.

Just trying to figure out the color scheme. The furniture won't stay there.

I'm so glad Steve joined me in the decorating process this time. I want our home to reflect my family but not just me and my style. Never underestimate your spouse's input, even though that's something you think you're really good at. Lesson learned. 

* * *

Our pink hydrangea turns into stunning shades of green and fuchsia in the fall. Every summer, I regret that I still haven't turned those blossoms into blue. But then fall comes around, and I'm glad I actually didn't do it. I'm just in love with these deep colors.

And I had to share some of my favorite pretty details in the master bedroom, just of course.

Italian Hollywood Regency gilt side table. I love the aged patina on this piece. 

Antique gilt mirror with intricate details. 

Vintage wood and brass postal balance scale from England.

Antique French ironstone gravy boat as a jewelry holder.

* * *
Have you come across any decorating dilemmas? Do you involve your family or roommate in the decorating process? 

Turning our house into a home truly has been a process. 


  1. Lovely progress you are making. You are so right about us making up rules in our heads that can be very limiting. When I started decorating my home I felt every room had to be painted a different color. My husband saw me agonizing over color selections and like your husband suggested I paint two rooms the same color. It was something I would have never considered had he not said anything, but in the end it worked our great.

    P.S. Your hydrangeas are absolutely GORGEOUS!

    1. Thank you! It's amazing how much we limit ourselves and our creativity by making up those rules. Have a great weekend! xx

  2. I love this color! I'm painting some cabinetry a similar color right now. It's a touch more blue than grey, but close. I love moody colors like these because the room embraces the outdoors so much more easily.
    Luckily blue hydrangeas fade the same way! Some years we get lucky and haven't had a hard frost at Thanksgiving. When that's the case, I love to use the green-mauve hydrangeas on the Thanksgiving table!

    1. Thanks Stephen! I love blue-gray cabinetry and love moody colors. Is that for your new home? I had no idea blue hydrangeas fade the same way! Now I really want to turn mine blue :)

  3. serene . gorgeous . restful

    last year I walked through a home where every room was painted a cool pale blue / green / gray. all the woodwork were painted white. it had the most soothing flow, and my eyes just soaked in the gentle calmness of the whole house as I walked through.

    you're reminding me of this, Yuko. it makes me smile.

    you do, too ...

    1. Thank you, Linda! I'm in love with this pale blue-green/gray. It's such a restful color. Now you make me want to paint my entire house in this color! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  4. What a serene and lovely color! Thanks for sourcing the paint name, Yuko. And many thanks to Steve for his great suggestion. Have a wonderful weekend, L

  5. yuko you have such a beautiful touch in your decorating. it's classic but at the same time light and airy. it's my favorite look. the color is gorgeous. x

    1. Thank you, Janet. I have a lot of brown furniture in my home like many people do, and it's not easy to make it light and airy! But I'm slowly learning my way :-)

  6. Great job Steve! Isn't it funny the rules/boundaries we carry around in our heads. Love that is all worked out.

  7. Hi Yuko, looks like you and Steve work well together. I noticed that you were interested in the One Room Challenge. Here is how you can join in.

    1. Thank you, Linda, for taking the time to visit and letting me know about the ORC! xx


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