December 13, 2013

Decorated Mantel-less Fireplace

Yesterday we finally went to pick out our Christmas tree at a local farm and got some Christmas decorating going.  Here is the picture of our decorated fireplace. 

We took down the mantel last summer so we don't have a good place to hang our Christmas stockings this year.  We'll see if Command Clear Hooks hold up well enough on the brick to hang the stockings.  These hooks usually work great, but not the best on brick.  

This is how the fireplace and the walls looked like when we moved into our house.  

I painted the walls in Simply White, and the trim and molding in Waynesboro Taupe, both from Benjamin Moore.  I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. 

I also treated the brick to brighten up the space.  I considered whitewashing or painting the brick white, but I was afraid that would make the brick look flat.  I wanted to replicate the texture of old brick similar to this...

Old Chicago brick with extra mortar rubbed on top, by Urban Design Interiors

After much thinking and research, I came up with my own way of brick fireplace facelift.  I will share how I achieved the look some time next week.  

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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